Cultivated in the mountains of Mie Prefecture.


三重県松阪市合ケ野地区、美杉地区で無農薬、自然栽培したやぶきた種や在来種の葉を 丁寧に収穫して焙煎しました。 大地が育んだ個性豊かで 芳醇な味と香りが特徴です。


Cultivated without pesticides and fertilizers
in the mountains of Mie Prefecture

Enjoy the unique flavour. This tea is lovingly made.


In the Gogano and Misugi districts of Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture, we carefully harvested and roasted the naturally cultivated leaves of Yabukita and other native species. It is characterized by a rich mellow taste and aroma nurtured by the earth.